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Welcome to the new G&L Website!


Welcome to our brand new website!

This website will give us the opportunity to promote the many deals that we have both in-store and in our numerous warehouses!

Every week we are getting in truckloads of new merchandise, and every week we get something new. We do not always have the room in-store to display the many items that we have in stock!

This website will have various sections, promoting both in-store specials, as well as 'Warehouse Specials'. We have a treasure trove of great merchandise in the back warehouse, which now can be advertised through our website.

We will be updating the website periodically, keeping the customers informed of the special deals we have coming up. Of course, with the volume of new merchandise coming in, we cannot advertise every deal that is coming in. We will, however, be advertising the big deals and specials that we will be getting in.

The website will also help us promote our million dollar stock in promotional clothing and accessories.

And finally, you will be able to find us on eBay, Kijiji, and YouTube.

Please keep checking back, and I hope you enjoy the new website!

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